No one saw any issue with it until Mriganka K Majumdar’s daughter raised a small question about it. The 9-year-old from Guwahati asked her father whether ‘Real’ juice was a drink for girls because it only mentioned ‘him’ in the packaging.

Majumdar casually asked her father this question one day, “Real fruit juices can be consumed only by boys?”

Perturbed by the fact that his child perceived the brand as more boy-centric, Majumdar wrote a letter to the union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi about the discriminatory nature of the description of the juice on the packaging.

“My 9-year-old daughter asked me yesterday that whether real fruit juices 200ml carton can be consumed only by boys,” the letter which was shared by Maneka Gandhi mentions.

When Dabur was contacted about the alleged case of gender discrimination, it replied that its product was not gender specific.

“Let me reassure you that the use of the term ‘him’ on the pack is not gender-specific and was used in a more general sense to connote children and not any specific gender,” an official said.

However, Dabur has agreed that it will change the description of the product in the future to ensure that no misunderstanding takes place.