Suspense over the bitter power struggle which had been holding Tamil Nadu back, ended after E Palaniswami was sworn in as the chief minister of the state on 16 February. With Palaniswami set to undergo the litmus test on Saturday in the house, S Semmalai of Mr Panneerselvam camp demanded a secret ballot when the motion of confidence is moved in the assembly.

After the AIADMK was divided into two factions — one supporting Sasikala and the other O Pannerselvam.

While addressing the supporters on Friday evening, O Pannerselvam said that Jayalalithaa worked till her last breath to keep away the family rule from entering Tamil Nadu politics.

Prior to the floor test which is scheduled for Saturday, the former CM of the state urged the MLAs to not crack under pressure while casting their vote.

Using Jayalalithaa’s hard work as an example, Pannerselvam asked the MLAs to vote against the trust vote.