Samajwadi Party leader Amanmani Tripathi, who was arrested in November last year under the suspicion of murdering his wife, used a fake road accident story as a cover to throw off investigators in the case.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) claimed in its chargesheet which was filed on Saturday that Amanmani’s wife, Sara, was allegedly being tortured by the accused.

“During investigation, it was found that Sara Singh was allegedly being subjected to physical torture and cruelty by the accused. She was allegedly murdered on July 9, 2015, with a premeditated plan by the accused and his accomplices, after which a road accident was faked and presented as the cause of death,” CBI spokesperson RK Gaur said.

However, the gene pool of Amanmani seems to have long been associated with murder. Amanmani’s father, an influential politician named Amarmani Tripathi, was arrested along with his wife and convicted for the murder of poetess Madhumita Shukla 12 years ago. Sara’s mother had alleged that Amanmani’s parents were against the marriage and had plotted to kill their daughter-in-law.

In the original story purportedly made up by Amanmani, Sara was killed in a car crash on National Highway-2 on their way to Delhi. Investigation was called due to Amanmani emerging unscathed from the incident.