Authorities of the Special Cell of Delhi Police were left dazzled on Friday when they recovered 100 rupee notes in bulk that looked eerily similar to the Rs 100 note. Since this is the first instance of Rs 100 notes being targeted by counterfeiters post the demonetisation announcement, authorities are apprehensive about more fake notes circulating in the market.

Fake Rs 2,000 notes emerged right after the pink note started circulating in the market after the demonetisation announcement. In the chaos that ensued, the demand for Rs 100 notes increased dramatically as the old Rs 500 and Rs 100 notes were declared as not legal tender.

According to sources, the quality of the fake Rs 100 note was so fine that it escaped detection for untrained eyes. A total of Rs 6 lakh in Rs 100 denominations was recovered from the duo who had travelled more than 20 times in the state for the last two months.

“Accused Sanjeev alias Mukesh, 31, and Arvin, 35, hail from the Shamli district in UP. Sanjeev has been involved in the racket for the last two to three years whereas Arvin joined in just a few months ago. The duo was arrested from outer Delhi’s Sonia Vihar in the early hours of Friday. The main supplier is an eastern UP-based man, who receives the currency from Pakistan via Nepal,” DNA quoted DCP Sanjeev Kumar said.

Authorities will conduct investigation into whether the fake notes have played any role in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh elections.

The two individuals, Sanjeev and Arvind, normally charged Rs 40,000 to Rs 100,000 for transportation of fake currencies.