Reacting on the listing of Hafiz Saeed and his other four close aides under Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Act, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Monday said that an effective action is needed to bring the accused to justice.

MEA on Monday unleashed their cannons over Hafiz Saeed after the chief of terror organisation was brought under the listing of Anti-Terror Act in Pakistan.

Commenting on the issues of Hafiz Saeed, MEA said, “Effective action mandated internationally against Hafiz Saeed and his terror outfit is a logical first step in bringing them to justice.”

The MEA further termed Saeed as the terrorist responsible for bringing terrorism in Pakistan’s neighborhood through LeT and JuD and their affiliates.

In the statement issued, MEA alleged that Hafiz Saeed is an international terrorist, a mastermind of Mumbai terror attack, responsible for unleashing terrorism in Pak’s neighborhood.

The MEA’s reactions came in after Mumbai attack mastermind and JUD chief Hafiz Saeed and four close aides were placed under Pakistan’s anti-terrorism act by the provincial Punjab government.

The fourth Schedule of the act puts the suspected terrorist under observation and imposes restrictions on him.