In what could be perceived as one of the biggest security breach till now, on Monday morning, a man rammed his car into a pillar of the railway station platform of Andheri in Mumbai.

The accused was identified as Harmeet Singh Baddhan, a 25-year-old youth who has played in under-19 cricket World Cup.

As per police reports, at around 7 AM, the Andheri station was flooded with crowd rushing to board their respective trains when Harmeet Singh Baddhan rammed his car into the platform.

According to the eyewitnesses, commuters panicked after they saw the speeding car enter the platform. It further led to huge chaos on the platform.

Further disclosing the matter, a senior Western Railway (WR) officer said, “The driver of the car is a 23-year-old youth. He drove the vehicle on to the platform from McDonald’s side entrance. The driver has been arrested.”

Clearing his part on the incident, Singh told the police that it was an inadvertent mistake on his part as he mistook the handicap passenger ramp as road and drove on it.

The car which entered the station has been seized and the driver has been arrested.