Fake Rs 2000 notes have caught the market in its weak state as banks are still trying to meet up to cash demand after demonetisation. A man in south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar was shocked to find that the Rs 2,000 notes he had withdrawn from a State Bank of India (SBI) ATM were fake… from the look itself.

The victim, a customer care executive of a call centre in Chattarpur, withdrew Rs 8,000 from an SBI ATM on February 6. When he checked the notes, he found errors in the note which were all the more shocking because it had the word “Children Bank of India” and “Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank” inscribed on it instead of the Reserve Bank of India.

However, the State Bank of India said that the complainants never approached them. They stated that they suspect few miscreants were involved in the case. 

The notes were counterfeit to such extent that the maker had actually taken freedom with his expression. “Guaranteed by the Children Government”, “Churan Lable” and a PK logo were found on the note.

Also, the notes had the serial number 000000 on it.

The ATM was later sealed and a case was registered.