Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday while addressing a rally in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, hinted at Pakistan’s role behind the Kanpur train derailment.

PM Modi during the rally said that according to the police investigation it was a well-planned conspiracy and not an accidental tragedy.


In the tragic incident, at least 100 people died and several others were injured after 14 coaches of Patna-Indore Express train derailed near Pukharayan in Kanpur.

Earlier in January, Bihar police suggested that there might be possibilities of Pakistani’s involvement in the train derailment.

Motihari police in Bihar arrested three people, and based on their statements, it has been concluded that Pakistan there might be Pakistan’s hand behind the disastrous Kanpur train accident.

Police also said that one of the persons arrested confessed that he was paid by the ISI agents based in Pakistan.

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