Supreme Court on Tuesday advised the concerned parties to resolve the Ram Mandir issue outside the court after Bharatiya Janat Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy had sought an urgent hearing on the matter.

The SC asked Subramanian Swamy to mention the matter on or before 31 Mar.

Swamy had requested the court to take up the matter to build Ram Mandir saying it is a sensitive matter.

However, the apex court suggested and asked Swamy to sort out issue through negotiations which would be agreed upon by all the petitioners and the respondents.

Saying that negotiated settlement between the parties to the dispute was the best course, Chief Justice Khehar offered to act as a mediator provided that he would not hear the matter on the judicial side.

Pointing towards Justice Kaul, the Chief Justice said that he too could mediate.

Justice Khehar told Swamy: “Any person of your choice. You want me to mediate (but) I will not hear (on judicial side). You want my brother (Judge). There are issues. You all sit together across the table and decide.”

The issue of Ram Mandir has been pending before the court for six years now.

(With IANS inputs)

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