The Shiv Sena MP, Ravindra Gaikwad who had recently faced a flying ban by most of the national carriers for his misbehaviour, has done it again. Gaikwad recently engaged in a verbal spat with Mumbai police over the dysfunctioning of ATMs at Latur in Marathwada region on Wednesday.

The video of Shiv Sena MP getting into a verbal spat with the city cops was recorded by most of the passers-by and later got viral on social media.

In the video, Gaikwad can be seen arguing with a police officer, during a protest over non-functioning of ATMs at Latur. The protest was organised organised by the Shiv Sena MP and his supporters.

The incident took place after the Lok Sabha MP had sent out one of his aides to withdraw cash from an ATM at Latur. However, after trying out different ATMs in the region, the aide returned empty-handed, saying the ATM’s were out of cash. The cashless ATMs provoked the MP to stage a protest outside the ATM.

Later, when the police officials reached the spot and further requested Gaikwad to end the protest. The police officials said that the protest was disrupting the traffic. After being requested to end the protest, the Shiv Sena MP engaged in a verbal spat with the officer.

Commenting on the matter, Gaikwad stood his ground and said that ATMs are running dry as there is no money in the them from the past 15 days. ‘What should we do?’ questioned the Shiv Sena MP

Ravindra Gaikwad said, “They (the BJP-led government) asked us to give them 50 days (after demonetisation, for normalisation of financial transactions). We gave them 100 days, then 200 days. It is the job of the (Union) Finance Minister and the Finance Minister of Maharashtra. It is also the job of the Guardian Minister of Latur district to rectify the situation.”

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