In another bizarre incident reported from Aligarh, a Muslim woman was divorced right in the middle of a road by her enraged husband who simply said ‘talaq’ thrice. The woman was earlier assaulted by her husband and was thrown out of the house. The victim approached the police station and got a complaint registered against her husband.

Enraged by this, the accused divorced her in the middle of the road by uttering ‘talaq’ thrice on Monday.

To make the matters worse, the woman is a daily wage earner and works at a construction site, barely making the ends meet for her family. The woman is from Bihar and comes from an economically poor background.

According to the victim’s lawyer, who narrated the poor woman’s plight, this is how the story allegedly went:

While divorcing the victim, the accused clearly mentioned that he is very angry that she approached the police and complained about him; therefore he is going for a second marriage and said, “talaq, talaq talaq.”