Tirath Singh Rawat, the newly sworn-in chief minister of Uttarakhand, finds himself embroiled in a controversy after making a remark during an event. Tirath Singh Rawat has chastised women for wearing torn jeans and questioned what principles they would pass on to their daughters. 

“Kaynchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) – revealing bare legs, wearing torn jeans, and dressing up like rich kids – these are the ideals that are now being taught. If not at home, where is this coming from? What is the school’s or teachers’ fault? Where am I taking my son, who is wearing tattered jeans and has his knees exposed? Girls are no exception, with their knees exposed. Is this satisfactory?” He asked.

The Uttarakhand chief minister voiced his dislike for women wearing ripped jeans. Rawat went on to describe the attire of a woman who sat next to him on a flight and said that the woman was wearing boots, ripped-at-the-knee pants, and a slew of bangles in her hands. She was accompanied by two children. She runs an NGO, participates in society, and has two twins, but she dresses in ripped-knee jeans. What values will she pass on to her children?

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Pritam Singh, the Uttarakhand Congress leader, found Rawat’s remarks “shameful” and demanded that he should apologise to women. Garima Dasauni, a spokesperson for the state Congress, said it is inappropriate for a chief minister to make a derogatory remark about someone’s fashion choices.

On March 10, former BJP Uttarakhand chief Tirath Singh Rawat was sworn in as the state’s 9th Chief Minister, replacing Trivendra Singh Rawat. Rawat, a former pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamseva Sangh, has been involved in politics for two decades. He was elected to the 17th Lok Sabha as a Member of Parliament in 2019.