Setting an example of Desh Seva, a consignment of 800 oxygen concentrators was airlifted from Hong Kong by SpiceXpress’ B737 freighter aircraft for emergency use and distribution throughout India. Efforts like this when the whole nation is currently facing an acute shortage of medical oxygen ensure everyone’s participation in the fight against Covid-19. At this critical time, the first thing which is required is everyone’s participation where one can contribute their part.  

Currently, 4000 concentrators are needed for 3 weeks, enough for those in the 80 to 90 SOP2 crisis. To ensure the smooth supply of these concentrators, 5 Dedicated Cargo planes can be ship worldwide within 48 hours, Besides, Air Corridor can also be set up to ensure timely assistance. For domestic transportation, the government should use live GPS tracking which could share the on-time information with the hospitals. In addition, authorities need to work 24X7 to operationalise 2 more almost ready plans. However, one thing which should be the utmost priorities of this time is to set up 3 Day buffer stock reserves within Delhi and to create a 1000 bed facility right next to the 02 plants in Faridabad. The cost for all these steps could be diverted from the emergency funds of the government.   

Indian Air Force is also contributing their part, IAF on Saturday airlifted from Singapore to help with the acute shortage of medical oxygen. The IAF was also airlifting critical medicines and equipment to the allocated COVID-19 hospitals in different parts of the nation and has been transporting oxygen tankers and containers to multiple filling stations throughout the country since Friday in order to expedite the delivery of critical medical oxygen to COVID-19 patients.

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