Once again in an attempt to impose moral policing, the Aligarh Mayor Shakuntala Bharti and a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sanjeev Raja stoked a controversy by demanding a ban on carrying of mobile phones by school girls. The Mayor and BJP MLA raised this issue during an event at the Uday Singh Inter-college at Baradwari, Uttar Pradesh. 

Further elaborating their statement, both Bharti and Raja said that young girls do not need mobile phones and should be prohibited from possessing mobile devices.

Excessive usage of mobile phones was one of the reason why Aligarh girls were going in the ‘wrong direction’ they said. Both the leaders also raised objection on girls covering their faces while driving scooters and walking on the streets. 

“What’s the need of covering faces,” Bharti said while adding that parents should ensure that their daughters refrain from such acts. 

This is not the first time when leaders and public figures have spoken about moral policing. Time and again, comments on what women should wear, where they should work or how long they should stay out of homes have been made in the past.