Exiled Baloch leader Munir Mengal has called for India to take revenge against Pakistan for the mutilation of two Indian soldiers in Krishna Ghati, Jammu and Kashmir. He said that similar atrocities were being practiced by Pakistan in Balochistan.

“I condemn the Pakistan Army’s inhuman mutilation of Indian soldiers’ bodies. On one side you have killed them and then you disgrace them. We Baloch people have seen and we understand this, how devilish the Pakistan government and the Pakistan army are,” Mengal told reporters.

Condemning the incident, Mengal said that Pakistan’s actions were similar to that of the Islamic State and the Taliban. He said that the atrocities on Baloch people were worst then the case of mutilation.

“The Pakistan Army has put the Baloch people in boiling coal tar. We have seen how they have tortured Baloch people and have thrown their dead bodies on the roads and the act they have done to the Indian soldiers is strongly condemnable,” he said.

Reiterating that the Indian Army should avenge the killing of the soldiers, Mengal said, “It’s up to the Indian government, Indian people and Indian Army in which they want to reply back to Pakistan and we all hope that the Indian Government will take a revenge for this act.”