The state of Haryana has again produced another shocker of an incident that depicts nothing but absolute unlawfulness involving the liquor mafia, allegedly kidnapping a family of an army jawan living in Sonipat.

The incident took centre stage after a video of the two parties quarrelling went viral on social media.

The state’s liquor mafia confronted the family of army jawan, Jogendra Giri, who is posted at Jammu border, when his family members strongly condemned a local liquor vendor of the village.

Sources suggest that Giri’s family have been protesting against the liquor sellers in the village which gained momentum after the entire village decided to engage in the ongoing protests.

Giri, while showing his anger and disbelief said, “If soldiers are serving the nation, who is responsible for the safety of their family members? the administration needs to answer this”.

The Army jawan’s mother and brother went missing after the village protests.

Amid the altercation it was learnt that Giri’s wife was also abused by the gang members of the liquor media.

“Some people barged into our residence and threatened us. They threatened me of dire consequences if we did not withdraw the complaint,” said Giri’s wife.

While the rest of the family members are still in shock and disbelief, they have received no help from the authorities so far.

“We have absolutely no knowledge where they took our mother and brother. We have been repeatedly inquiring about them,” she said.

Subsequently, the army jawan’s wife also tried to reach out women’s commission only to return empty handed as there has been no probe ordered by the women’s commission.

Her husband on the other approached the Sonipat police and did not receive any backing from police as well as the Haryana government.

“He didn’t approach the government; he shared the issue on social media. There is no formal complaint yet. He is yet to name the accused that harassed his family. Our government ensures justice for them,” said Krishan Dhal from the Haryana government in his defence.

Dhal was asked about the lack of police negligence to which he replied, “I don’t know which police station he approached. It is time for online FIR registration”.

“This video is very old. However, we assure that if proven we will suspend the police personnel who refused to take the jawan’s complaint,” he concluded.

Dhal assured that the government will look into the matter and will look into the matter once a complaint is lodged.