In another shameless incident and misuse of power by a police official, a Mumbai constable tried to run a man over with his car in a busy market place in Thane following an argument over some money. The incident had taken place on April 21.

According to reports, the constable named Ramesh Awate, who tried to ran over his car, was not in uniform. One can see in the video, how ruthlessly the constable was moving his car and trying to run over the pedestrian.

The victim who has been identified as Atul Pathe tries to jump on the vehicle’s bonnet to protect himself.

As per reports, the two apparently had some issue about money, where the victim had failed to pay around Rs 3 lakh that he had taken as loan from the police officer. This is what enraged the officer. 

While the constable is on the run after the incident, the matter is under investigation.