In a tragic incident being reported from Sodhi Village in Bulandshahr, UP a man was brutally beaten to death by a right-wing group, Hindu Yuva Vahini over the allegations stating that the old Muslim man had a vital role to play in the elopement of a Hindu girl.

The deceased was later identified as Ghulam Mohammad, a 45-year-old Sohi village resident in Bulandshahr.

Further disclosing the matter, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Arvind Kumar Mishra said that a 19-year-old man named Yusuf had allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old Hindu girl who was a resident of Fazalpur village on April 27.

As per official reports, the activists had seen the deceased, Ghulam, in an orchard and dragged him from there and beat him to death. Ghulam came under the radar after the men who were seeking Yusuf, came to know that he was related to the accused.

After the incident, a complaint was filed by Mohammad’s family against the eight accused. Three out of 8 accused have been nabbed by the police.

Commenting on the matter, Mann Singh Chauhan, SP city said that an investigation has been launched into the matter. There were no eyewitnesses to the incident, SP added.