The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force unearthed a strange case of abduction which eventually lead them towards the victim itself. A 20-year-old engineering student in Noida allegedly set up her own abduction plot to get Rs 10 lakh from her father.

Muskan Agarwal, along with two other accomplices P Anant and Rituraj Singh, staged an abduction phone call to Muskan’s father Shiv Agarwal. They dialled Muskan’s father from Kanpur and told him to transfer Rs 10 lakh into Muskan’s account. To make it look real, Muskan cried on the phone and allegedly asked her father for help.

“Shiv Agarwal had come to know that his daughter had not gone to college that day and he called her up to ask about her health. He heard her crying for help on the phone and alerted the UP STF. Later, he received an SMS giving him half-an-hour to pay the ransom. Agarwal transferred Rs 10 lakh from his bank in Kanpur to his Muskan’s account,” the police said.

Police became suspicious when three transactions from Muskan’s account took place and some amount was transferred to Muskan’s e-wallet account.

“When the STF teams reached the bank, three transactions had been made from the ATM and two suspects — P Anant and Rituraj Singh — had left. But, they were spotted in the CCTV footage. The woman, along with her boyfriend Aditya Srivastava, was traced to a park in Pari Chowk. Aditya Srivastava is Agarwal’s neighbour in Kanpur and had completed his engineering from Noida. Upon questioning, the identification of the other two men, who had withdrawn the money, was also revealed,” said the investigating officer.

Muskan had coughed up the plan because she had lent Rs 4 lakh to a friend in Noida. Because she was being persistently told the get the money back, Muskan staged her own abduction to pay the money back from the ransom amount.