The Home Ministry in an RTI reply has revealed that Pakistan violated armistice almost daily in 2015 and 2016 in which 23 security personnel have lost their lives as a result.

In Jammu and Kashmir as many as 1,142 terror incidents were reported between 2012 and 2016 which recorded 90 civilians and 236 security personnel deaths.

During the same period, 507 terrorists were killed by security forces in various encounters.

Last year, Pakistan violated ceasefire a staggering 449 times across the Line of Control (LoC) in comparison to 405 violations in 2015.

According to reports, 23 security personnel lost their lives in the two-year-old period.

Major Gen (retd) GD Bakshi said Pakistan is running a “covert” war against India.

“Though Pakistan talks about peace, it does not believe in it, and Jammu and Kashmir is an example,” he said.

With comparison to the 220 terror incidents in Jammu in 2012, the RTI reply said 2016 witnessed 322 incidents in which 82 security personnel and 15 civilians were killed.

In the year 2015 according to the reply, 39 security personnel and 17 civilian were killed in 208 terror incidents while 108 terrorists were killed in encounters.

47 security personnel and 28 civilians in the state were killed while 110 terrorists were killed in encounters in 2014, the reply said.

In 2012, 15 security personnel and many civilians were killed in 220 terror incidents and 72 terrorist were killed in different encounters, the reply said.

The year 2013 recorded killing of 53 security personnel and 15 civilians in 170 terror incidents in Jammu and Kashmir.

“There is a new trend these days. Whenever the army surrounds militants in an area, messages are sent on social media platforms and residents from nearby places gather there, slowing down operations,” Bakshi said.