A doctor at Chandigarh’s Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) allegedly refused to treat a Kashmiri patient saying that the people in the Valley throw stones at Indian forces and come for treatment to Chandigarh. The incident was reported on Thursday.

“You throw stones at our security forces there (Kashmir) and come to Chandigarh for treatment.” the doctor said.

55-year-old Nasreena Malik and her son Javed Ahmed Malik had gone to PGIMER for consultation about a neurological surgery. However, they were abused by the doctor after he saw the patient’s prescription card of hospitals in Kashmir.

“He was fine until he saw the prescription card of hospitals in Kashmir … He threw them away,” Javed Ahmed alleged. He also alleged that the doctor was overcharging them for the surgery.

Nasreena was referred to PGIMER by the doctors in Kashmir. She was suffering from intracranial aneurysm, a blood vessel related disorder in the brain.

When the hospital authorities were contacted for comment, Professor Jagat Ram, the PGIMER Director, told The Indian Express that such an incident has never happened before.

“We have been treating thousands of patients from J&K and all the other states. Such an incident has never happened here. This has been brought to my notice and I shall get the matter investigated,” he was quoted as saying.