The Supreme Court on Tuesday found beleaguered liquor baron Vijay Mallya guilty of contempt on plea by consortium of banks.

The 61-year-old, who fled to Britain in March 2016 after being pursued for the recovery of Rs 9,000 crore in unpaid loans to his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, is a wanted man in India for alleged loan default and money laundering.

Expected to face jail term the former ‘King of good times’ is summoned by the court before July 10.

The court can take any actions against Mallya If he does not appear in the top court.

Last month, the Scotland Yard arrested Mallya in London and was granted bail almost three hours after his arrest. 

A Metropolitan Police statement said officers from the Extradition Unit arrested Mallya on an extradition warrant from India.

“Mallya was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud,” the statement said.