Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched the Integrated Case Management Information System (ICMIS) to help the apex court go paperless. Advocating the power of technology in today’s era, the Prime Minister said, “IT + IT = IT. This means ‘Information technology + Indian Talent = India Tomorrow.”

“Influence of artificial intelligence is on the rise. Technology has the power to transform our economic potential,” PM Modi mentioned. 

PM Modi also mentioned said, “In my last meeting with the CJI, he had expressed concern on how to reduce the number of cases which are pending.

“Accepting technology can’t happen if only some people are keen on it. The scale has to be larger. E-governance is easy, effective and economical. It is also environment friendly. Paperless offices will benefit the environment,” PM Modi added. 

ICMIS helps with digital filing of the cases called e-filing and enables litigants to easily access the information online.

The Prime Minister uploaded the ICMIS on the Supreme Court’s website, in a function marked at Vigyan Bhawan in the presence of Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar and Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Stressing upon the need of using technology for improving the justice delivery system of India, Justice Khehar said that e-filing was the best that has happened till now to the system.

“This has given lawyers an option to e-file, they need not come to the registry, they can file the case from their offices. E-filing is the best that has happened till now. We are improving that… I think it will be a great environmental help as well,” the Chief Justice said.

Saying that the judiciary needed technology to ease the working environment of court and to tackle the huge number of cases, Khehar added that all the high courts and district courts must also use this system.

“I’ve spoken about filing in the SC and the introduction of this system for SC, I propose to take this system to all HCs and then all District Courts,” he said. 


(With inputs from IANS