He came, he saw and he slapped! That’s exactly what a drunk relative of a Samajwadi Party leader did inside an Etah police station in Uttar Pradesh.

Mohit Yadav, the shambolic nephew of the Samajwadi Party MLC Ramesh Yadav, was caught on camera showboating on his ‘connections’ with former state ruling party as he thrashed a cop standing in front of him inside the police station.

Sources revealed that Yadav, along with his entourage, initially visited the nearby district hospital in order to obtain an X-ray where he allegedly asked for a VIP treatment and declined to wait in the patient line.

After the hospital staff members refused to pay him such homage, the SP party leader’s nephew went berserk with his abuses and further initiated an assault on the staff with his friends.

As a result he was handed over to the local police after being arrested.

Mohit then continued his reckless behaviour and went on abusing the police officers.

“Mohit Yadav is my name and this man…,” said the 24-year-old and then thrashed the sub-inspector as the whole incident was caught on tape.

“It seems he was under the influence of alcohol,” said a senior police officer.

The police have lodged two separate FIRs against Mohit Yadav after the incident.

You can watch the viral video here: