In another mid-day meal shocker, a baby snake, also known as snakelet was found in the meal served to students on Thursday at a government school in Faridabad, Haryana.

Reports suggest that the teachers found the snakelet during food inspection at Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School in Faridabad’s NIT-2 locality.

After which the students were asked to dump the meal they had just consumed as the circulation of food was immediately stopped.

Students even admitted of getting a decayed smell and some also vomited after consuming the food.

Subsequently, 2 teachers and 6 students started complaining of motion sickness after consumption and were rushed to the civil hospital and were later discharged.

Sources revealed that a sample of food after collections has been sent to a Chandigarh laboratory for investigation.

The ISKCON foundation is said to be the supplier of the faulty mid-day meal.

They also supply food to 371 schools in Faridabad district.

Earlier, a dead rat was found in a mid-day meal served at a government school in south Delhi following which nine students who consumed the food were hospitalised.