Sacked Delhi Water Minister of Aam Admi Party (AAP) Kapil Mishra on Sunday exposed the bank account details of AAP alleging money laundering fraud by the Party. Kapil Mishra, who vowed to go on an indefinite hunger-strike till the party leaders gave out the details of their foreign trips, has said that he will be filing an FIR against the Party chief, Arvind Kejriwal for duping the Delhiites.

While addressing the media on Sunday, the sacked minister charged the party with following accusations:

a) Conversion of black money

b) Part chief, Arvind Kejriwal concealed Party funds

c) Bungled several bank accounts

d) Corruption in Mohalla clinics 

Mishra had also alleged that a conspiracy was on to make him end his indefinite hunger strike, saying the doctors were giving “false” reports on his medical condition.

“Doctors working under (Health Minister) Satyendar Jain are giving fake reports to end my fast,” Mishra said in a series of tweets.

“Doctors giving false reports while I am on camera — absolutely fine.”

“I refuse to accept reports of doctors directly reporting to Jain. On camera the sugar level is 87 and they are saying 58,” the former Minister said.

“… they are recommending immediate forcible hospitalisation,” he said.

“A conspiracy to end my satyagrah (peaceful hunger strike) just before a big expose tomorrow (Sunday),” said Mishra, who was also suspended from the AAP.

Mishra has been on a hunger strike since Wednesday at his official residence here, demanding that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal must reveal the source of funding of the foreign trips of five Aam Aadmi Party leaders — Sanjay Singh, Ashish Khetan, Raghav Chadhha, Jain and Durgesh Pathak — in the last two years.

Mishra has said he will make what he said a “big expose” at 11AM on Sunday.

In another tweet, the former Minister said that “police was saying to take him away forcibly”.

“I refuse. I need second opinion,” Mishra demanded.

He also slammed the Health Minister and said that his physiological condition is fine.

Mishra was removed as a Delhi minister on March 6 in a sudden move and later suspended from the AAP. He then said he saw Kejriwal taking Rs 2 crore from Jain.


(With inputs from IANS)