Suman Singh, wife of former soldier Dharamvir Singh, has sent a ‘blouse’ as a reminder to PM Modi about how he had promised in 2014 that Pakistan would cower from even touching Indian soldiers. She claimed that the current situation is worse than what it was back in 2014.

Dharamvir Singh the ex-Indian Armyman told reporters that a letter, along with the blouse, has been submitted to the Zila Sainik Board in Fatehabad. Singh claimed that he had served in the Indian Army from December 1991 to 2007.

“Women send their sons, brothers, husbands to the border to defend their motherland and not to get beheaded and get pelted with stones. Where has the 56-inch chest gone now?” the wife of the ex-soldier asked.

“You tell me one thing — are we not being insulted? Our prime minister used to say never ever will our soldiers have to go through what they went through before. But what is happening under the present regime is even worse,” Singh questioned.

Suman Singh mentioned recent cases of soldiers being humiliated in Jammu and Kashmir and the mutilation of Indian Army braves by the Pakistani army.