Addressing the media on Sunday morning, sacked Aam Admi Party (AAP) minister, Kapil Mishra dropped a huge bomb by exposing all the bank details of the party. The sacked water minister of the party resorted to indefinite hunger-strike till the Party revealed the details of the foreign trips made by AAP leaders. Accusing Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal of duping Delhiites of their rights, he dared CM to resign or he will be dragged to Tihar Jail.

While briefing the media, Mishra also said that he had been getting threats from people to end his hunger strike. The sacked minister also said that the doctors were giving ‘false’ reports on his medical condition.

The minister further requested the Home Ministry as well as the Lt. Governor and Delhi police to ensure that he is not forced to end his hunger strike.

The sacked minister leveled a series of charges against the Party as well as CM Kejriwal saying that the CM has done much wrong deed behind closed doors. Mishra said that the Kejriwal hid donations from the party. He also said that Kejriwal gave false declaration to Election Commission.

As per reports from the IT department,  a ‘major mismatch’ was noticed in the amounts filed before the Election Commission (EC), in AAP’s bank account and on its website.

Kapil Mishra also alleged that Arvind Kejriwal created many fake companies to convert black money to white. AAP also received Rs 2 cr donations from shell companies, which was later detected by Income Tax department.

Mishra, who allegedly exposed AAP with all the detailed documents, said that he will be heading towards the office of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and will be handing over the documents to them at around 11AM tomorrow. He further added that later all the documents — exposing AAP’s scam — will be made public. 

Mishra also termed AAP’s biggest USP — Mohalla Clinics — as a part of their scam.

Vowing to cripple AAP from its roots, Mishra said that all the allegations being made against the party has backing of the detailed documents. He also said that no allegations are being made without proofs.

In the press conference, Mishra leveled a series of charges:

* Kejriwal has links with Hawala companies.

* Kejriwal converted black money to white.

* AAP got funds from Shell Companies.

* False declaration to Election Commission.

* Took Rs 2 crore from shell companies

He also dared Delhi CM Kejriwal to resign if he has a little shame left.

Kapil Mishra who had been on hunger-strike for over 5-days now, fainted during the LIVE press conference in New Delhi.