With the use of social media catching up, even politicians these days are resorting to different social media platforms to showcase their ‘good work’ or even to raise a voice in support of or against a person, leaving behind the primitive ways to publicise — speeches.

In one such incident that has come to light, Bonthu Rammohan (TRS), the Mayor of Hyderabad, shared two images on his Twitter account for showcasing his efforts towards a clean city initiative. However, the Mayor’s idea of getting appreciation from the followers went awry when people, instead of appreciating the Mayor started trolling him.

Here are the pictures posted by the Mayor:

As we all know how smart the twitteratti is’ it was just a matter of time before the ‘photoshopped’ pictures posted by the Mayor got noticed and as expected it resulted in a huge bashing of Mayor by the Twitterattis.

However, someone from his team who photoshopped the image forgot to cut out the three people seen in the original image. What followed was the mayor being trolled by Hyderabadis.

The Mayor, Rammohan, who had expected compliments for the ‘good work’ learnt a lesson the hard way.

Meanwhile, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation stood in support of the Mayor and issued its official statement on WhatsApp saying, “Heights of sarcasm. First and the foremost, if you go through the post, HW Mayor clearly said that GHMC will try to implement innovative n effective ways to clear the garbage and wish to try this method. Those photos are just suggestive. And if we can implement, the places can look like as shown in the photos. That’s what the mayor wanted to convey you all. Never ever tried to say we have done this somewhere in the city. Why you guys take your own perceptions and react upon them? I strongly think one should restrain while commenting on social media. This is our explanation.”