After a gap of almost 18 years, India and Pakistan are face-to-face at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague, Netherlands.

Whenever India and Pakistan face each other there are expected to be ‘fireworks’. But what was witnessed on the morning of Monday at the ICJ courts was nothing short of a ‘silent’ war of gestures.

At the Court, a ‘cold interaction’ between the diplomats of the two nations was seen. The Indian team led by the ex-Solicitor General of India and senior lawyer Harish Salve shook hands ‘politely’ with his Pakistani counterpart.

But that was not the case with one of the Indian diplomats. When a Pakistani diplomat offered to shake hands the senior Indian Diplomat was seen snubbing the handshake and instead responded with a traditional Indian namaste.

In the video captured by NewsX, a Pakistani Diplomat is seen holding his hand out, waiting for a shake from his counterpart, who instead replied with folded hands.

The two nations are at the ICJ to argue the death penalty awarded to the Indian national, Kulbhushan Jadhav over alleged charges of espionage as well as inciting tensions in Islamabad.

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