A disgraceful and appalling incident was reported in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh where a bride suspected to be suffering from a skin disorder was stripped before her wedding in front of the bride’s family to clear their doubts.

As per reports, a groom named Jai Hind refused to marry the girl on the wedding day after one of his relatives made allegations that the bride was suffering from lukoderma.

When the high-end drama did not seem to end the bride’s father approached the police. The police reached the venue of the wedding and asked the Panchayat to give their opinion in the matter.

After a lot of discussion, Panchayat gave a decision that the marriage would only take place after it was established that the bride was not suffering from the skin disease. Following the verdict, the bride was stripped naked by the aunts and cousins of the groom and once their doubts were cleared the groom was ready to marry the girl.

Later, the bride’s father withdrew his complaint and also filed an apology letter and the wedding took place in the presence of the cops.