From demonetisation to the Goods and Services Tax bill, the NDA government has enjoyed the prominence of huge public support. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory in Uttar Pradesh came as a testament to how the general public viewed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) despite having undergone demonetisation.

However, a recent survey conducted on citizens showed that dissatisfaction with the Narendra Modi government was increasing, even though it was a slight one. LocalCircles conducted the survey where they gathered opinions of over 200,000 citizens from 200 places in India. The participants’ average age was 32.

Around 60% of Indian citizens believe that the government has satiated their needs and lived up to their expectations. 17% held the view that the government has exceeded their expectations.

When it came to dissatisfaction with the government, around 39% expressed that the performance of the NDA government was below expectation. The dissatisfaction factor increased by 3% since last year.

Majority of the voters said that cost of living had gone up multifold under the government even though inflation has gone down. Around 49% unanimously agreed that corruption hadn’t reduced despite the ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

Modi’s Pakistan diplomacy saw 30% increase to 64% since last year. This is being attributed to the surgical strikes carried out by India after the Uri attack.