The state of Haryana has again made to the headlines after at least 80 girls belonging to a government school in Rewari district went onto an indefinite hunger-strike seeking the up gradation of the school they study in. The girls resorted to hunger-strike after their complaints of being harassed by local boys went unheard.

For almost a week now, the girls studying in class IX and X in Gothda Tappa Dahina village school in Haryana have been on a hunger-strike demanding that the school they study in be upgraded so they do not have to travel to another village every day to attend school to get higher education. The girls also complained that they face daily harassment from the boys while they travel to Kanwali village which is almost 3-kilometeres away from their village.

Following the protests, around 10 students have been shifted to hospital.

As per reports, around 13 girls are on an indefinite hunger strike. Fearing the day to day harassment by the boys, the parents of some girls have also discontinued the education of their wards.

Following the hunger strike by the girls, the BJP-led Haryana government has assured significant action. As per recent reports, the government has also issued a notification in the matter.

Taking the cognizance of matter, Haryana Education Minister said, “Principal has been deputed there and from tomorrow admission procedure will start.”

Highlighting the matter of 2016 when a girl was raped on her way to school after which all the girls had stopped going to school, the girls on strike now demand that the government must upgrade the school in the village.

Commenting on the matter, village head Suresh Chauhan said, “For higher education, girls of our village have to go to Kanwali village, located 3 km from here, after Class X.” Chauhan also claimed that he had highlighted the matter with the local administration.

Reciting their ordeals, one of the protester said, “We fear harassment and molestation by youths of other villages and hence, we are demanding up gradation of our school up to Class XII.”

The protesting school girls also claimed that the local boys even hold their hands and click their pictures.

Speaking over the up gradation of school, District Education Officer (DEO), Rewari, Dharmbir Balrodia said, “At least 150 students are required in Classes IX and X for the senior secondary upgrade but the Dahina village school has just 86 students in both classes.”