The 10-year-old rape victim has been allowed to have an abortion even after the termination of 20-week limit as per the law.

The victim from Rohtak was repeatedly raped by her stepfather and is now five-months pregnant. According to the Indian law, abortion is not allowed once the human fetus is five months old but a relaxation has been given in this case.

This abortion law was brought in to force to combat the effects of a cultural preference for sons. The accused has been arrested by the police and has been booked under the relevant sections.

The decision of abortion was announced after taking in consideration the opinion of doctors at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS).

The victim complaint of leg pain and when she was taken to the hospital by her mother last Friday, she was found pregnant. Later the victim told her ordeal to the doctors and the accused father was arrested.

The victim’s mother has requested the police to set her rapist-husband free as she does not see a life without a man in her life and the crime committed by her husband is pardonable.