Deepak Mittal, Joint Secretary MEA who also spearheaded the Indian team at International Court of Justice (ICJ) spoke exclusively to NewsX about the ICJ verdict on the Kulbushan Jhadav case.

Expressing his views on the verdict, Deepak Mittal told NewsX, “It’s a sense of relief and satisfaction. We are very thankful to the ICJ for this order they have given today & held on prima facie case against Pakistan of the Vienna convention violation.”

Mittal also added that ICJ’s verdict is big to the family and parents of Kulbhushan Jadhav.

In an exclusive interaction with NewsX, Mittal thanked Harish Salve and said, “I would also like to acknowledge the great, spirited efforts of Mr Harish Salve which he has put in the case.’

Mittal told that the case would be further argued in the ICJ, the 40-day time period was expiring on Friday and the verdict being announced just a day before the expiry of time is a great sense of relief for us.

Jadhav was given a 40-day time period which was granted to him to appeal against his death penalty and that ends on May 19 which means the ICJ order comes at the right time for Kulbhushan Jadhav.

“Further, we will argue our case. The 40 days period was expiring tomorrow & the provisional measures coming just a day before is a great sense of relief for us. The provisional orders are very imminent,” said Mittal.

However, Mittal refused to comment on the diplomatic ‘Namaste’ to the Pakistani diplomat.

India was represented by Dr Deepak Mittal, Mrs Kajal Bhatt, First Secretary, Legal Officer at the Embassy in Hague and Mrs Asha Antony, First Secretary, Embassy in Hague.

Here is the copy of the Judgement in Kulbhushan Jadhav case