In news being reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh, approximately 2000 Dalit individuals have been threatened to embrace the Islam religion by the upper caste Thakurs of the district. The conversion took place after constant ill-treatment to Dalits by the upper caste.

As per reports doing rounds, after being constantly persecuted by the upper Hindu caste, Dalits on Sunday immersed the idols of their Hindu Gods into a small stream of water in their village, bidding adieu to their religion.

Talking to a leading daily, a Dalit leader from of Keshopur Jhopri village said that they took to the decision of conversion following the constant discrimination by the upper caste Hindus. He also said that when the elections are around the corner Dalits get treated at par with Hindus, just for votes as after the elections are over the discrimination hovers the Dalits.

Taking a dig at the Uttar Pradesh ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Dalit leader said that since BJP took to power, the Hindus have started showing their power by discriminating Dalits. The leader said, “Atrocities against Dalits have been on the rise with the active participation of right-wing Hindu organizations. Thakurs not only discriminate against us, but our children are also harassed at school by upper caste children.”

The whole matter got escalated after a clash which took place on Tuesday over the construction of Dalit’s Bhairav Baba temple at the site of an abandoned well. Meanwhile, Thakurs habiting in the village have objected to this temple construction.

Commenting on the matter, a local villager said that Dalits were planning a construction of Bhairav Baba temple where an idol of Bhairav Baba could be installed but the Thakurs of the village had dugged out drains from their washrooms towards the spot where the Dalits were planning the construction.

After objecting their act, they got together and started beating Dalits, local added.

However, taking Thakurs stand the village pradhan’s husband, Devendra Chauhan said that they have done nothing wrong. Chauhan added that some local Dalit leaders were trying to create disharmony among communities for their own vested interests.

Chauhan agreed that Thakurs had dugged up the drains from their washrooms but the whole matter was solved after the local administration’s intervention.

Previously, the agitated individuals have accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers of mistreating them when violence hit Saharanpur and Sambhal. Following dangerous clashes between two groups in the region, the converted Dalits said that they have lost their faith in Hinduism.

The individuals have also flunked the Hindu idols in their home into the river. They said that they had high expectations from the Modi and Yogi government but had been left utterly disappointed.