Commenting on the presupposed reports of Superstar Rajinikanth making a debut into politics, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday attacked the actor saying that he knows nothing about the Constitution and should “better stick to cinema, since he can deliver dialogues well and entertain people”.

Swamy further said that Rajinikanth does not fit in the current political situation and also lamented the idea of having movie stars in politics.

“Rajinikanth does not fit into the current political situation in Tamil Nadu. He has no idea about the constitution, fundamental rights or any such matter. It is better he sticks to the cinema since he can deliver dialogues well and entertain people,” said Swamy.

“I strongly disagree with the idea of the film fraternity entering politics,” added Swamy.

Earlier today, Tamilar Munnetra Padai staged a protest after Rajinikanth hinted of joining the state politics of Tamil Nadu.

The radical pro-Tamil group stepped a stir outside Rajinikanth’s residence at Poes Garden in Chennai, shouting slogans against the actor.

The protestors claimed that the actor is a Kannadiga and no one but a Tamilian should be allowed to rule the state of TN.

Following the outburst by the protests, police tightened the security around Thalaiva’s residence beside detaining at least 25 agitators under preventive custody act.

Meanwhile, speaking on the final day of Tamil-darbar, the actor said that he has lived in Tamil Nadu for 43 years more than the time he spent in Karnataka which is 23 years and is a ‘true Tamilian‘.

“I have lived and grown with you. You have been truly loving and welcoming and made me a true Tamilian. If I have to live anywhere in this world that will be in Tamil Nadu,” said Rajinikanth.