In a frightful development, 2 people were arrested in Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh for assaulting a policeman following an argument.

A video of the crime has also surfaced after possibly an onlooker who chanced to be present at the crime scene recorded the episode on his phone when the goons attacked the policeman in Ganj Basoda area of Vidisha district.

The hazy 33-second clip shows a policeman in uniform standing alone as an unidentified man advances and grasps the policemen by his collar to evoke the assault.

Taken aback by the sudden assault, the policeman flutters for control and retaliates back when the two other assailants appear and swing at the policeman.

Sources say that the fight was a result of an argument that took place earlier between the policeman and the assaulters.



The video of the attack is not personally verified by NewsX