In a shocking incident, a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader, his wife and four children were brutally murdered by a property dealer.

Sahib Khan alias Bunty was the business partner of deceased Chaudhary Munawar Hassan for years in Delhi.

The 42-year-old BSP leader owned a number of properties he had allegedly snatched from the owners and Bunty was eyeing those.

He hatched a conspiracy against the BSP leader and his family to take over his properties worth Rs 2 crore, Indian Express reported.

Bunty called Munawar’s wife Ishrat and told her that there was an emergency and she and her daughters were needed for help at their home in Meerut. He told them he would accompany them and did the deed on their way.

He had hired three men who carried out the killings. Later, he got the bodies of Ishrat and her two daughters Arju and Arshi buried at different locations — in Meerut and Burari.

Bunty immediately returned to Delhi and got killed Hassan’s two sons Aaquib and Shakib.

The incident came to light after the BSP leader was found murdered in his house in Burari on May 20.

Munawar Hassan was lodged in Tihar jail on rape charges but was released on May 17 on interim bail after he was told that his family has gone missing.

It was Bunty who himself informed the police about the murder.

But later, when he was questioned by the police, he broke down and confessed that he had committed the crime.

Bunty and two contract killers were arrested on Sunday.