Hours after a video of a cop from Uttar Pradesh police caning a man inside police station went viral, the authorities jumped to action and have reportedly suspended the alleged policeman in the tape.

The video shows the police officer, now identified as Lokendra Pratap Singh assaulting a youth leader of Samajwadi Party (SP) with a wooden rod while his junior was simultaneously instructed by him to hold the victim’s hand.

The incident caught on tape is from Monday, May 22, recorded inside Badaun police station as the helpless victim suffers beating while the cop is seen ‘enjoying’ the act as a lesson for his staff on how to beat someone.

The a 46-second grainy video, shows the suspended police officer personally demonstrating the ‘right’ way to hold the victim before he starts caning him.

“Look this is how it  is done,” says suspended Lokendra Pratap Singh.

The victim Swaley Chaudhary is a youth leader of Samajwadi Party (SP) who was allegedly involved in a tussle between two groups over a bus ride.

The argument between the the two groups led to clashes in which, sticks, stones and even firing was done, said police to a private news channel.


The incident comes at a time when the Uttar Pradesh government and Police is facing flak from the opposition and various sections of society over outburst of communal clashes between Rajputs and Dalit in Saharanpur.