As the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi completes its 3 years in power, NewsX in an exclusive conversation with Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi discussed the functioning of the government under PM Modi and about her own ministry.

Hailing PM Modi’s availability the Union Minister said that the “government was open to ideas” on various issues.

Speaking about her portfolio Maneka Gandhi said, “My biggest achievement is to give shape to the ministry … earlier it was just a post office.” 

Asserting that the media has taken “zero tolerance policy” towards rape cases after the the Nirbhaya incident, Maneka Gandhi said that it has helped them to keep a check on the crime against women.

“We have started an ‘E Box’ wherein women can write to us without reveling their identity,” added the Union Minister.

Putting her view forward on marital rape, Maneka Gandhi said, “It’s an odd issue, large number of women are victimised by their husband … the government can only act if their is a complaint … no where in the world have been any complaint of marital rape. Women put up with this but they don’t complaint about it, what can I do? What can the government do? You tell me.”

Refraining from commenting on the controversial ‘gau rakshak’ issue, tight lipped Maneka felt there was a need to recognize a national law against slaughter of cows in India.

Highlights of Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s interview to NewsX: 

  • We want women to have equal rights.
  • I have the same view as that of govt on Triple Talaq.
  • My biggest achievement was to give shape to the ministry. 
  • Our govt is open to ideas.
  • I can’t comment on ‘gau rakshak’. There should be national law against it. 
  • National law against cow slaughter needed. 

Full the full interview, please watch the video