A Delhi man died on Saturday after receiving a monstrous beating for disapproving the urination in public by a couple of youngsters.

Ravinder, 32, and an e-rickshaw driver in the GTB Nagar area of Delhi, he saw a couple of youth urinating against a wall and objected to it. Reportedly, while expressing his dissent, he told the youngsters that they must refrain from urinating in public as it causes disgusting smell and bad hygiene around the area. But Ravinder’s objection did not go down well with the youngsters and threatened him that they would come back to teach him a lesson.

Ravinder condoned the threat and later in the evening he was routinely parked at GTB Nagar metro station looking for passengers when a hoard of at least 15 youth arrived at the spot.

The attackers started thrashing the rickshaw driver and gave him a brutal beating with iron knuckles and stones.

After the altercation, Ravinder somehow managed to call his brother for help who ran to the spot and rushed him to the hospital.

The injuries which the victim sustained were so severe that he couldn’t hold on to life for long and was declared brought dead by the Bara Hindu Rao Hospital authorities.

Delhi Police has taken up the matter and has deployed units to catch the offenders.

However, this is not the first time that such incident has happened. Back in 2010, a resident of West Delhi area met the same fate for objecting to the public urination. Gurvinder was beaten to death by his neighbour and friends after he protested them for urinating on his house wall.