Two days after World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed three cases of Zika virus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Sunday assured that there is no reason to panic and everything was under ‘control’ in the state.

Talking to the media, Rupani said that the three cases as referred by WHO were identified in the month between January and February this year. “No new case of Zika virus reported after that,” said Rupani.

All the three ZIKA cases — 64-year-old man, a 34-year-old new mother and a 22-year-old pregnant woman — were reportedly detected from Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Earlier on Saturday, Indian Council of Medical Research head also maintained that all three people infected with Zika virus in Ahmedabad were successfully treated.

The mosquito-borne disease Zika is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes.



The infection, known as Zika fever often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever.