Taking cognizance of killing of an e-rickshaw driver after he objected to youths over public urination, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Monday said that he has asked Delhi police to take the ‘strongest action possible’ against the accused.

Commenting on the matter, Venkaiah Naidu had said that the driver was promoting ‘Swachh Bharat’ by stopping the two from public urination.

Addressing an event, Naidu said, “He was promoting Swachh Bharat. I spoke to the Police Commissioner and asked him to take the strongest action possible against the culprits.”

The deceased was later identified as Ravinder, an e-rickshaw driver who lived in a slum near the GTB Nagar metro station. Ravinder, who was married last year, was living with his seven months’ pregnant wife.

As per police reports, two men had bought liquor from a shop near GTB Nagar metro station and consumed it at gate no. 4 of the metro station. After the two started urinating outside the metro station, Ravindra objected, following which the duo left saying that they will get him later.

After a few hours, the two men returned with 10 more men and thrashed Ravinder.

As per media reports, Ravinder somehow managed to call his brother who took him to home. Later, his condition started to get worse following which he was taken to Bara Hindu Rao hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Further commenting on the matter, a police official said that the two accused have been captured in the CCTV footages of the liquor shop and of the North Campus of Delhi University.

As per sources, the accused had come to Delhi to appear in a competitive examination and are believed to be residents of Burari in Haryana.