Even after a national ban imposed by the Central government for using red beacon on government vehicles in the country, Bengal PWD Minister Arup Biswas was found using red beacon atop his car. Speaking in his defence for using the red beacon, the minister said, “Our government has not banned it yet.”

This is not the first when a lawmaker has been caught using red beacon after the government imposed a national ban. Earlier, an FIR was been filed against Maulana Noor-ur Rehman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan mosque after he was spotted flaunting red beacon on his car.

When confronted, the cleric had said that Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has herself allowed him to use the red beacon.

Prior to that, the Karnataka Food Minister UT Khader had also denied to remove the red beacon from his official vehicle.

As per a new rule by the central government, from May 1, red beacons were banned on all official and government vehicles barring the emergency services.