The recent showers in IT-hub of the nation, Bengaluru, has again brought problems for the residents as it led to foaming of the Varthur Lake, again. The rains in recent times in the city has resulted in foaming of the lake again and this time bringing the foam right on to the busy roads of the city.

As per media reports, the froth has badly affected the weekend traffic.

The residents living in the nearby areas of Varthur Lake are demanding action by the government in this regard as the monsoons are approaching fast.

While speaking to Deccan Herald, Pravir Bargodia, a member of the Whitefield Rising Group said, “It was for the first time that the froth reached the Columbia Asia Hospital. He said the foam was disrupting traffic, making it difficult for commuters.”

After the situation escalated, Rakesh Singh, BDA Commissioner, paid a visit to the affected area and listened to the grievances of the residents. Another official from the concerned authority said that more sprinklers will be added to control the froth.

The continuous dumping of waste into the Bengaluru lakes has slowly and steadily deteriorated their conditions and have turned lakes into foam.

Recently, the city’s largest water body, Bellandur Lake caught fire and over four-hours were spent to contain it.