A mentally disabled woman staying in a rehab center in Hyderabad has alleged the authorities of molestation her after she was found chained and naked on Monday.

Refuting the charges, rehab center ‘Aram Ghar’ in-charge Basha said that the woman is challenged and her mood changes every hour.

“She will be good for some time and suddenly in the next moment she will become wild,” said Basha.

Explaining further, he said that the employees have been directed on several occasions to not chain the victim but the maid of the rehab center does it anyway.

The police taking cognisance of the matter has initiated an investigation into the matter.



The victim reportedly expressed her desire to live with her parents and get away from the place.

Asserting that putting a mentally unstable patient to chains is against “humanity”, said senior psychiatrist Dr. Prasad Rao stating further that it cannot be said with absolute certainty if the victim was “even mentally ill”.

The victim was brought to the rehab center in December 2014 by the police.