Two months after initiating Anti-Romeo ‘operation’ in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath government in a report card has released the outcome of the controversial ‘moral policing’ squad of eight zones panning over last 68 days of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) rule in the state.

As per data released, anti-Romeo squad in the last two months has ‘monitored’ over seven lakh people at various public spots across in the state. At least 538 cases have are also registered against the miscreants.

The data which dates from March 22 to May 28, also broadly speaks about the way the squad has performed ever since its inception.

Anti-Romeo squad intercepted public spots like markets, malls, schools, bus stations, railway stations, road intersections and parks to keep the ‘check’ on the men indulging in objectionable behaviour in public places with girls — minus the consenting couples.

“Out of 7.42 lakh persons questioned, 3.38 lakh persons were warned by the squads to not repeat their mistake,” says the statement released by the UP Govt.

The police have also lodged 538 cases against 1264 persons found guilty of the crime. An official inquiry under judicial protocol is underway in cases where FIRs have been filed by the police or the victim.

In an attempt to strengthen the reach of the anti-Romeo squad, the authorities have also deployed women constables in plain clothes.

The move reportedly has helped the police to attain “correct information” about men indulging in objectionable activities against the women of the state, reports a national daily.

BJP after coming to the power with a landslide victory in the recently concluded Assembly elections, under Yogi Adityanath govt on March 22 resurrected ‘Anti-Romeo’ in one of its first major cabinet decision. Noteworthy, anti-Romeo squad was one of the prime agenda in BJP’s Uttar Pradesh poll manifesto.

The anti-romeo squad was formed to check and control harassment of women in public places, though the squad has come under heavy criticism due to allege charged of ‘moral policing’ for consenting couples as well.