Ahead of International Yoga Day on 21 June, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday said that Yoga should be included in Olympics as a sport.

“People who frivolously say that yoga is not a sport are ignorant and their opinion should be discarded. Yoga is also a sport and it should be included under the sports category,” he said.

“Attempts should also be made to send yoga (as a sport) to the Olympics,” Ramdev further added.

Talking about benefits of Yoga, Ramdev stated example of BJP president Amit Shah losing 20 kgs by practicing yoga.

Ramdev also expressed his opinion on NDA’s presidential nominee Ram Nath kovind and termed it a ‘master stroke’ by the BJP.

“We hope that this time, both National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) give a consensus on the nomination of next President. The country wishes for the same as the position of a President is the highest of all,” he said.

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