The Centre has supplied over one lakh plastic bullets to Kashmir Valley to control the violent crowds. The Union home ministry said the plastic bullets are less lethal than pellet guns and have been made after an extensive trial.

“As part of the graded response to deal with violent crowds, the plastic bullets are being employed before using pellet guns,” a Union home ministry official told Hindustan Times.

The plastic bullets are non-penetrative and can be fired from a normal AK-47 but in a single shot mode.

The Centre has also supplied chilli filled PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide) shells to the security forces to control the angry protesters.

PAVA shells are chilli-based munitions which incapacitates the subject for a brief period of time and renders them immobile when shot.

The move comes after hundreds of people were injured and many blinded by the use of pellet guns by security forces during the last year unrest in the Valley.

The pellet guns have been in use in the Valley since 2010 uprising. They penetrate the skin, especially soft tissues and eyes.